Friday, June 13, 2008

Are we alone in the Universe? Yes, we are

Imagine a UFO lands in a football stadium. A humanoid creature walks out onto the field. A television reported breathlessly states, "Finally, proof that we are not alone in the universe!"

Microphones are raised to the creature. He begins, "Sadly, we are alone in the universe. Only humans and aliens exist -- just us two, and nobody else. We are alone."

What does it mean to be alone? Are 4 billion humans not enough for you? How many conscious beings does there need to be for us not to be alone? Enough so that the annihilation of a couple of suns or planets does not wipe out conscious life everywhere?

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Moshe said...

That's not how it'll go down.
After coming out of the UFO the alien will be immediately shot by the security guards, then the military will be called in, then the alien's friends will come and blow up the planet.